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GPSC syllabus 2024 | Download PDF

The Gujarat Public Service Commission conducts different exams to recruit candidates for various administrative and civil service positions in the state of Gujarat.

Whether you’re preparing for the GPSC Class 12 exam or any other popular exams such as DYSO, Account officer, RTO inspector, or any other exams, Getting familiar with GPSC syllabus is the first step of starting your GPSC preparation

All syllabus PDFs are available to download at the end of this post.

What is GPSC syllabus GPSC publishes syllabus for each of the exam. Syllabus contains the subjects and topics from which the exam questions would be asked.

How many subjects are there in GPSC syllabus Most of GPSC exams syllabus includes following subjects

  1. History
  2. Art & culture
  3. Constitution of India
  4. Maths
  5. Economics
  6. Geography
  7. Science & Technology
  8. Current affairs

Preliminary Examination GS Syllabus contains all eight subjects mentioned above.

Mains Examination GS Syllabus Includes most of the same subjects as prelims, but does not include maths. Few of the topics in mains examination syllabus could be different than prelims.

Exams such as Class 1&2 could have few extra subjects in mains, such as Ethics, public administration etc.

Syllabus for exams which needs specialisation GPSC Exams for the posts such as engineering, IT, Medicine & Doctors, Professors, which needs specialisation in particular field has subject specific paper along with GS subjects

How to download GPSC syllabus

Download syllabus from official website GPSC publishes syllabus for the exam at the time of advertisement, or right after that. Syllabus can be downloaded from official website.

Download syllabus from this post Syllabus for each exam remains almost same every year, so you do not need to wait for the GPSC to publish syllabus.

You can download syllabus for your exam from below links and start your preparation. Later when GPSC publishes the advertisement, you can download the latest syllabus and see if there are any changes.

Download PDF now

Download the GPSC syllabus from below links, and start your journey of becoming a civil servant!

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