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GPSC career : Which jobs are available after clearing GPSC exam

Some of the first questions asked by new aspirants is, Which jobs are available after clearing GPSC exams? How many and which exams are conducted by GPSC, and which posts are available.

The short answer is; Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 level government jobs in different government departments.

GPSC conducts recruitment for various administrative and civil service positions.
Aspirants have a wide array of career options available to them after clearing the GPSC (Gujarat public service commission ) exam.

But It is necessary to have basic information about GPSC, and its functions, before we discuss the job opportunities available to aspirants who clear a GPSC exam.

What is GPSC?

Full form of GPSC is Gujarat public service commission. It is a constitutional body created under Article 320 of constitution of India.

One of its main function is to conduct examinations for appointments to various posts in Government of Gujarat.

GPSC conducts exams for class 1, class 2, class 3 level jobs in various government departments.

GPSC conducts examinations for two types of posts, General administrative posts and posts which needs specialized knowledge and qualification.

General administrative posts These are the position that involves overseeing and managing various administrative functions. Such as Deputy collectors & Commissioners, Mamlatdar, TDO etc. Graduates from any field are eligible to apply for this posts.

Specialists posts Some of the jobs are for positions which needs specialisation and knowledge specific to a field. These are specialists posts and requires graduate or masters degree in specific field such Eg engineers, doctors, professors etc.

List of Job positions and exams taken by GPSC.

1. Gujarat Administrative services class 1 & 2

Also known as GPSC Class 1&2. This is flagship exam conducted by GPSC, which selects candidates for class 1 & 2 level general administrative posts such as;

Class 1 Jobs

1. Deputy collector
2. Deputy District Development officer (Dy DDO)
3. Deputy superintendent of police (Dysp)
4. District Registrar
5. GST Commissioner 
6. Assitant commissioner of state tax
7. Asst. Commissioner Tribal Development
8. Deputy director of scheduled caste

Class 2 Jobs

  1. Mamlatdar
  2. Taluka Devlopment Officer (TDO)
  3. Assisitant District Registrar
  4. Social Welfare Officer
  5. State tax Officer
  6. District Inspector Land Record
  7. Assistant director of food & civil supply
  8. Chief officer

2. Other Class 1 jobs after GPSC

  • Directors & deputy director of various government departments
  • Accounts Officer Class-1
  • Geologist Class-1
  • Women and Child Officer, Class-1
  • Doctors, MD, Surgeon, Radiologists, and specialists etc for government hospitals
  • Professors for government colleges
  • Gujarat Engineering Service, Class-1

3. Other Class 2 Jobs after GPSC

  • Section Officer (SO) class 2
  • Range Forest Officer, Class-2 (RFO)
  • Engineering services Class 2 (Eg civil engineers, Mechanical engineers etc)
  • Assitant professors, lecturer and tutors for government colleges
  • Medical officers for government hospitals. Including Ayurveda and Homeopathy medical officers.
  • Police Inspector (PI), Class-2
  • Child Development Project Officer class 2
  • Assistant Manager (Information Technology) GMDC
  • ICT Officer for department of science and technology
  • Junior Town Planner
  • Horticultural Officer
  • Drugs Inspector
  • Accounts Officer, Class-2
  • Municipal Accounts Officer, Class-2
  • Veterinary Officer, Class-2

3. Class 3 Jobs after GPSC

  • Assistant Inspector of Motor Vehicle, Class-3 (RTO Inspector)
  • State Tax Inspector, Class-3
  • Polic sub inspector (PSI) class 3
  • State Tax Inspector, Class-3 (STI)
  • Deputy Section Officer & Deputy Mamlatdar, Class-3
  • Food Inspector / Food Safety Officer, Class-3,
  • Programmer (Sahayak) Class 3 GMDC
  • Jr. Programmer (Sahayak), Class-3 GMDC

Frequently asked questions about career after GPSC

Which jobs are available after GPSC

Various class 1, class 2, class 3 level jobs in government departments are available after clearing GPSC exam.

Can any one apply for any of the exam

No, certain job positions requires graduation or masters degree in specific field. Only candidates with that degree can apply for the exam. Some jobs are available for grduates of any field.

The Gujarat administrative services class 1&2, which is flagship exam conducted by GPSC is available to graduates of any field.

Does GPSC conduct every exam every year

No, it is not necessary that GPSC will conduct exam for all the above mentioned posts every year. Exams are organized as per the vacant positions with different government departments.

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