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વહીવટી અધિકારી [ વર્ગ ૨ ] - Administrative Officer [ class 2 ] [ 2024 ] : Exam information

The Administrative Officer Class 2 ( વહીવટી અધિકારી ) exam is conducted by the Gujarat Public Service Commission. It recruits candidates for labor and employment department of Government of Gujarat.

As per the GPSC Exam calendar 2024 GPSC will conduct the exam for administrative Officer Class 2, Assistant Planning Offier, Gujarat Skill Training Service, Class-2 for the total 11 vacancies. The Prelim exam is scheduled to be conducted during October 2024.

Exam information

Exam name : Administrative Officer/Assistant Planning Offier, Gujarat Skill Training Service, Class-2 Class-2 - labor and employment department

Total number of vacancies 11

Approximate month of prelim exam October 2024

Approximate date of prelim exam result December 2024

Approximate date of personal interview March 2025


Administrative Officer class 2 2024

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